Comfy Pediatric Goniometer Elbow Orthosis and Attachment


Product Overview

The Comfy Elbow-Hand Combination Orthosis is a unique support that was built with a two-part internal frame. This allows for extension of both the elbow and hand simultaneously. Ideal for use in the treatment of deformities caused by CP, CVA, atrophy or neurological disorders, the Comfy Elbow-Hand Combo is fully adjustable and can be manipulated to position the arm and hand into a natural position. This combo improves range of motion and aids in the prevention of contractures. The Comfy Elbow-Hand Combination Orthosis comes standard with the Full Hand attachment (FH), but it is also available with Hand Roll attachment (HR) or Hand Thumb attachment (HT) depending on user need. The elbow can be ordered with a goniometer (GE-101) or a spring-loaded goniometer (SGE-101) for dynamic splinting.